(preview) SEAdLINNNG: 03/18/22 Shinkiba Night

Written by Abid Chowdhury @abid5706

📸 Credit goes to SEAdLINNNG @SLinnng


SEAdLINNNG is a small independent women’s wrestling promotion, founded by living legend Nanae Takahashi @nanaracka and Natsuki Taiyo @taiyomatsuri in 2015 after they both left Stardom. Fast forward to 2021, Nanae san announced that she was diagnosed with depression in 2017, and at the end of 2021 she would be leaving SEAdLINNNG as a wrestler and as the President of the company.

What makes SEAdLINNNG unique is through the working relationships they have with other wrestling promotions. Companies like Joshi Wrestling’s Ice Ribbon @ICERIBBON_jp @IceRibbon_eng , PURE-J @purejpro , along with a small company called 2AW (Active Advance Pro Wrestling) @2awoffice . Not only does SEAdLINNNG have working relationships with other companies, they also like to put on dream matches, and other special matches for the fans to see!

SEAdLINNNG has a small roster comprised of referee Natsuki Taiyo, Riko Kaiju (SEAdLINNNG’s rookie), Yoshiko, and SEAdLINNNG’s ace Arisa Nakajima. Through the working relationships with other companies along with having freelancers on shows, SEAdLINNNG is able to put on fun shows for the fans. Speaking of fun, let’s get to each of the matches on this show!

1st match: (Las Fresa De Egoistas) Ayame Sasamura & Makoto vs Ryo Mizunami & Crea

📸 Credit goes to SEAdLINNNG @SLinnng

Starting off the first match with a tag match with SEAdLINNNG’s villain unit, “Las Fresa De Egoistas” (Selfish Strawberries). 2AW’s @2awoffice Ayame Sasamura @sasa_2AW and Freelancer/Free agent Makoto @makoto926 . They are facing against “Aniki” Ryo Mizunami the very same Mizunami who has wrestled within AEW, she is teaming with Crea @Crea0518_PUREJ pronounced as (crayon but remove the on, and add an a, Craya). Crea made her debut in 2019 and was one of PURE-J’s rookies. However, she’s made a lot improvements through the years, and is someone you want to keep an eye on within pro-wrestling.

Crea’s tag team partner has been wrestling since 2004, wrestling veteran. One of the best talents in the world, Ryo Mizunami. They are facing against Ayame Sasamura from 2AW. Sasamura made her debut in 2017, and she’s been wrestling a lot within other Joshi promotions. Her tag team partner is another veteran in Makoto, she made her debut in 2006. Makoto doesn’t get a lot attention like other Joshi wrestlers do, but don’t count her out. She is one of the most underrated wrestlers today, and she’s someone that consistently delivers. This will be a fun match to start the show!

Why is Yoshiko still wrestling?

I might know what you’re thinking, isn’t this is the same Yoshiko from 2015? Yes, it is. However, it’s also a different Yoshiko. A Yoshiko that changed and had to work extremely hard to restore her tarnished reputation.

After the “Act” incident, Yoshiko regretted the mistake she made. She retired from wrestling, however it was the wrestlers and the fans in Japan that wanted her back, wanted to give her a second chance. In 2016, Yoshiko was offered a second chance at redemption. She was going to work incredibly hard to restore her tarnished reputation. She was in a new environment, no longer working for Stardom. Working with new people she’s never wrestled before. From 2016-2020 she did that and is continuing to do that, she changed as a person but most importantly as a human being. Yoshiko asked Act Yasukawa for forgiveness, and Act forgave her. I’m not going defend what she did in 2015, that’s on Yoshiko. However, as human beings we make mistakes, and that was a mistake Yoshiko made and deeply regretted. I hated Yoshiko for years, from 2015-2020, however when I did my research in late 2020 when Yoshiko made her Stardom return, that’s when I learned how much she’s changed.

Talent and fans in Japan have welcomed her back, because she’s really changed, she’s not that same person she was back then in 2015. Stardom brought her back because Mayu Iwatani wanted to wrestle her friend. This wouldn’t have happened if Yoshiko didn’t change. If Act and other wrestlers in Japan have forgiven her, shouldn’t we as fans also give her a second chance and forgive her as well? That’s all I’m asking from fans that do not like Yoshiko, to give her a second chance.

Recommend reading this article to learn more about Yoshiko after she left Stardom.


2nd match: High speed 3 way match! Kaori Yoneyama vs Yoshiko vs ASUKA/Veny

📸 Credit goes to SEAdLINNNG @SLinnng

Rules of this match: You must run the ring ropes to cover your opponent, you can not use a wrestling move and go for a pinfall cover. The referee will count very fast, and there is a possibility that she might get involved in this match like she has in other high speed matches!

Kaori Yoneyama @kaori_yoneyama also known as Fukigen Death in Stardom, she is facing against Yoshiko @yoshiko_sead , and against Freelancer/Free agent @asuka10272140 . Referee will be none other than SEAdLINNNG’s referee “High speed legend” Natsuki Taiyo @taiyomatsuri .

In March of 2021, Yoshiko made her return to Stardom and wrestled in a Stardom ring for the first time in 6 years, it was against her friend and rival Mayu Iwatani. After that match, Yoshiko’s health was not great, and from March to December she didn’t wrestle. Fast forward, 9 months later Yoshiko made her surprise return on December 29, 2021, at SEAdLINNNG’s end of the year show at Korakuen Hall. It was really cool to see Yoshiko back!

Yoneyama is known by Stardom fans as Fukigen Death, however she’s also a high speed legend, keep an eye out for her in this match. Don’t count out ASUKA, ASUKA san is one of the best talents in the world, someone you want to keep an eye on. This will be a fun match to watch!

3rd match: Tsukasa Fujimoto, Arisa Nakajima, & Hanako Nakamori vs Itsuki Aoki, Hiroyo Matsumoto, & Asahi

📸 Credit goes to SEAdLINNNG @SLinnng

A special 6 woman tag match featuring 3 Joshi promotions! Ice Ribbon’s ace “Venus Shoot” Tsukasa Fujimoto @tsukka0730 teaming with PURE-J’s ace Hanako Nakamori who is the “Daily Sports Women’s Tag Champion” @hanako1PUREJ , and SEAdLINNNG’s ace, “Beyond The Sea Single Champion” and “Daily Sports Tag Team Champion” @arisa__nakajima . This is a team comprised of two tag teams, Tsukasa and Arisa are of the tag team “Best Friends”. Arisa and Hanako are of the tag team “Violent Princess”.

They are facing the team of Itsuki Aoki @1srmjn6 of “Shawn Capture Inc”, she is teaming with freelancer “Lady Destroyer” Hiroyo Matsumoto @hiroyomatsumoto , and Ice Ribbon’s future talent Asahi. This will be another fun match between the present and future of wrestling, this could be the match of the night or a match of the year contender!

4th match: Main event: Riko Kaiju vs Riko Kawahata

📸 Credit goes to SEAdLINNNG @SLinnng

The main event of this show, (Las Fresa De Egoistas) “Beast Kid” Riko/Rico Kaiju @seadlinnng_riko vs “T-HEARTS” @r_728dance Riko Kawahata. The winner of this match will face Arisa Nakajima for her “Beyond the Sea Singles Championship”.

These two wrestlers have been in a rivalry with each other since last year in 2021. This match will be a showcase between two of the bright stars within pro-wrestling, they are the future of pro wrestling. This could be a match of the year contender! Recommend keeping your eye out for this one!

How can I watch this ppv show? SEAdLINNNG?

SEAdLINNNG is a small independent women’s wrestling promotion, they do not have a streaming service. However, they do air these shows through their ppv streaming service. https://seadlinnnglive.com/ . Shows will cost 3,500 yen which would be around 29 USD, around 22 pounds, etc.

I will walk you through how to watch this show. First go to this link where you can purchase this ppv show. Make sure to translate this from Japanese to English and click sign up. You will be taken to the sign up screen and then click on “To the Live distribution screen”. Click on “3/18 Tokyo Shinkiba”, this link will take you to where you can purchase this ppv show! Go down the page and you’ll see “go to the purchase screen”. After entering your credit card information, go back into “Live Distribution screen” at the homepage, and then click on “3/18” and you will be taken to this screen. As you can see here, I have purchased the show, and now I just have to wait to watch!

Are there other ways for me to watch SEAdLINNNG?

Yes, SEAdLINNNG also has their own YouTube channel where they will upload their highlights and sometimes full matches on their channel!


To preview this ppv show, SEAdLINNNG has uploaded Riko Kaiju vs Riko Kawahata’s singles match from last year, you can watch at this link.

Another match I would recommend watching is a match between Arisa Nakajima and Hanako Nakamori, they had a match from last year as a part of their long rivalry!

SEAdLINNNG’s catchphrase!

The name SEAdLINNNG is that it’s a small seed and it’s growing into a flower, or a big promotion. The L in English is pronounced as R in Japanese. So, in Japanese they are saying SEAd Ring, but pronounced in English as SEAdLINNNG.

After every show, SEAdLINNNG wrestlers and fans jump up to say “Let’s get d or let’s get dream”. Implying that this promotion will continue to grow.

This promotion’s main theme song is by the band “FUNKIST” titled “The Wind And The Sun”. In the video, as they are singing they say “Let’s get, let’s get dream”. This video describes what SEAdLINNNG is, I recommend watching this video. It’s a small promotion that started as a small seed, and that seed is now growing into becoming a big promotion, becoming a flower.

Personal Thoughts

I am not affiliated with SEAdLINNNG, they are one of my favorite wrestling promotions to watch. I wrote this article to show my support, in hopes of that it leads to many people watching SEAdLINNNG for the first time. As you are reading this article, I hope I was able to help you out in some way!

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