(preview) SEAdLINNNG (04/29/22) Korakuen Hall

Written by Abid Chowdhury @abid5706

1st match: Captain Fall 8 Women’s tag match

📸 Credit goes to SEAdLINNNG @SLinnng

Kicking off SEAdLINNNG’s “Golden Moment” ppv show from Korakuen Hall with a huge match, a captain fall 8 women’s elimination tag match!

Rules are simple: If the Captain is pinned, submitted, or counted out the match ends. Wrestlers who are not the captain will be eliminated by pinfall, submission, or count out.

“Lady Destroyer” Hiroyo Matsumoto @hiroyomatsumoto , Ayame Sasamura @sasa_2AW from 2AW @2awoffice , Yumiko Hotta @yumiko_hotta , and “Phoenix Of Osaka” @myuki3114 vs “Cruel Princess” Hanako Nakamori @hanako1PUREJ from PURE-J @purejpro , Yuu @yuu_tjp , “Deathmatch Amazoness” Rina Yamashita @wryyyyna66 , and Itsuki Aoki @1srmjn6 .

I expect to this to be hard hitting, and fun to watch.

2nd match: 4 way High speed match

📸 Credit goes to SEAdLINNNG @SLinnng

High speed Rules: In order to win, you must run the ropes for a pinfall, also can win by rollups. There will be fast counts made by referee Natsuki Taiyo.

Referee “High Speed legend” Natsuki Taiyo @taiyomatsuri

This will be Tsukushi Haruka’s last match wrestling in a SEAdLINNNG ring, as she will be retiring as a pro-wrestler on May 4 at Ice Ribbon’s show from Yokohama Budokan.

Yurika Oka @yurika10234785 from Sendai Girls Pro Wrestling @senjo2006 vs “High Speed Legend” Chikayo Nagashima @0124CHIKAYO vs Tsukushi Haruka @Tsukushi_HRKZ from Ice Ribbon @ICERIBBON_jp @IceRibbon_eng vs “Princess” Nao Ishikawa @ice_naoishikawa .

This will be an exciting, fast paced match, and will be much fun to watch. Don’t blink, or you’ll miss out on the match.

3rd match: Rico Kaiju vs Riko Kawahata

📸 Credit goes to SEAdLINNNG @SLinnng

From what I can understand, this is most likely a number 1 contenders match, where the winner will be the next challenger to Arisa Nakajima’s “Beyond The Sea Singles Championship”.

These two wrestlers have been in a rivalry with each other since last year in 2021. Two of the bright stars within pro-wrestling. The future of wrestling. Rico Kaiju @seadlinnng_riko made her debut in July 13, 2020. Riko Kawahata @r_728dance made her debut in November 15, 2018.

To preview this match, SEAdLINNNG has uploaded their 2021 singles match. Whomever wins this, one thing for sure is that you can most definitely see these two continue to wrestle against each other in the future.

4th match: (Best Friends special singles match) Arisa Nakajima vs Tsukasa Fujimoto

📸 Credit goes to SEAdLINNNG @SLinnng

On March 31, 2022 at SEAdLINNNG’s Shinkiba 1st ring show, a special match was offered. 2 days back to back at Korakuen Hall, special singles match between (Best Friends) Tsukasa Fujimoto @tsukka0730 and Arisa Nakajima @arisa__nakajima . April 29 at SEAdLINNNG’s @SLinnng Korakuen Hall ppv show, and April 30 at Ice Ribbon’s Korakuen Hall ppv show. However this is not the first time these two are wrestling against each other.

Going back to 2014 back in a promotion called JWP which is now known today as PURE-J @purejpro . Around this time Arisa Nakajima belonged to the JWP promotion. During 2014, they wrestled against each other on opposing tag teams. On December 28th, 2014 Ribbon Mania at Korakuen Hall which is Ice Ribbon’s biggest ppv show of the year. Fujimoto defended her Ice x♾ (Cross Infinity) Championship against Arisa Nakajima.

The very same day, JWP also held their biggest show of the year, “JWP Climax 2014” at Korakuen Hall. Nakajima defended her JWP Openweight Championship against Fujimoto. After those two matches, they decided on forming a tag team, the team would be called “Best Friends”. The name “Best Friends” is appropriate because these two share such a really close bond with each other. These two wrestlers would dominate 2015-2016 holding the Daily Sports Tag Championships, JWP Tag Team Championships, International Ribbon Tag Championships, JWP Openweight Championship (Arisa Nakajima) and Reina World Women’s Champion (Tsukasa Fujimoto).

📸 Credit goes to whomever created this picture

The most recent time these two have held championship gold together would be October of 2020 to November of 2020, when Best Friends won SEAdLINNNG’s Beyond the Sea Tag Championship.

This will be a special match, and one you don’t want to miss. This could be a match of the year candidate for 2022.

Here’s a link to where you can watch Tsukasa Fujimoto vs Arisa Nakajima from JWP Climax 2014 at Korakuen Hall.

Main event: Beyond The Sea Tag Championship (Las Fresa De Egoistas) ASUKA/Veny & Makoto vs Yoshiko & “Aniki” Ryo Mizunami

📸 Credit goes to SEAdLINNNG @SLinnng

On March 31st, 2022 at SEAdLINNNG’s Shinkiba show, Yoshiko and Ryo Mizunami announced they would team up to challenge (Las Fresa De Egoistas) “Selfish Strawberries” ASUKA/Veny and Makoto for their tag championships.

Building up to this moment, Yoshiko facing off against ASUKA/Veny but this time for the Beyond the Sea Tag Championships.

Expect this match to be hard hitting, and an overall blast to watch. This could be a match of the year candidate for 2022.

Why is Yoshiko still wrestling?

You may be wondering this, why is she allowed to wrestle?

I recommend reading this website below to understand why she’s been given another opportunity to wrestle.

How can I watch this ppv show?

SEAdLINNNG is a small independent women’s wrestling promotion, they do not have a streaming service. However, they do air these shows through their ppv streaming service. https://seadlinnnglive.com/ . Shows will cost 3,500 yen which would be around 29 USD, around 22 pounds, etc.

I have uploaded how to purchase this show through another article I posted. Within this article, if you scroll down to “How can I watch this ppv show”, you’ll see images I’ve provided in a step by step process on how to purchase the show.

Are there other ways for me to watch SEAdLINNNG?

Yes, SEAdLINNNG also has their own YouTube channel where they will upload their highlights and sometimes full matches on their channel!


Here’s a free match that SEAdLINNNG has provided.

Arisa Nakajima and Hanako Nakamori, they had a match from last year as a part of their long rivalry!

SEAdLINNNG’s catchphrase

SEAdLINNNG has catchphrase where they jump up and pose by making the d sign, and saying “let’s get d”.

The best way I can describe this catchphrase is this. The name SEAdLINNNG comes from being a small seed and it’s growing into a flower, or a big promotion. The L in English is pronounced as R in Japanese. So, in Japanese they are saying SEAd Ring, but pronounced in English as SEAdLINNNG.

After every show, SEAdLINNNG wrestlers and fans jump up to say “Let’s get d or let’s get dream”. Implying that this promotion will continue to grow.

This promotion’s main theme song is by the band “FUNKIST” titled “The Wind And The Sun”. In the video, as they are singing they say “Let’s get d, let’s get dream”. This video describes what SEAdLINNNG is, I recommend watching this video. It’s a small promotion that started as a small seed, and that seed is now growing into becoming a big promotion, into becoming a beautiful flower.

“let’s get d”!

Personal Thoughts

I am not affiliated with SEAdLINNNG, they are one of my favorite wrestling promotions to watch. I wrote this article to show my support, in hopes of that it leads to many people watching SEAdLINNNG for the first time. As you are reading this article, I hope I was able to help you out in some way!

Please feel free to leave comments that can help me correct any mistakes I made while typing this preview. Thank you very much for reading this preview I did on SEAdLINNNG’s Korakuen Hall ppv show.

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